Who Are The Bluefish?

What It Means To Be A Bluefish...


The Montague Bluefish Swim Team is committed to providing an enjoyable and challenging swimming experience for youth members of all ages and abilities, in an environment that encourages positive social interaction, emotional growth and skill development.


We will achieve success by providing a well organized program with the combined efforts of administration, staff, and parent involvement, while inspiring our swimmers to exhibit the following principles;

  • SPORTSMANSHIP - Members of the Bluefish represent the team, department, community, and themselves. They are expected to conduct themselves in a positive, respectful, and courteous manner at practices, meets, and other team functions.
  • TEAMWORK - The team is a group of individuals who are working together to attain a common goal. Swimmers must put forth their best effort, and encourage their teammates to do the same.
  • LEARNING - Learning is a step-building process, and we all progress differently. Be patient with yourself, and enjoy each step as you develop.
  • COMMITMENT - A strong investment in attending practices and meets, and following the direction of the coaches will allow swimmers to reap the benefits in the long run. A team that is committed to one another will experience success. However, each team member must also be committed to his/her own personal growth as a swimmer to fully enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Bluefish.

Please do not utilize The Bluefish as a tool for your child to learn HOW to swim. A swim team is an outlet for children to hone their current skills and develop techniques for competitive swimming. Teaching children how to swim takes a considerable amount of time away from the team as a whole, and if your child is not ready for The Bluefish, swimming lessons will better fit your child’s needs.

Each new swimmer will be given an in-water Swim Test at the beginning of the season. If we feel your child is not ready for The Bluefish, you are encouraged to register him/her for swim lessons and consider joining the Bluefish in the future.

A Bluefish Parent -

What does it mean to be a Bluefish Parent? Well, we realize that families have very busy schedules and that swimming is not the only thing on your plate. However, we need considerable parental involvement to support the many aspects of the team and program. Sharing the same drive and commitment your swimmer has in being a Bluefish will make this program even better and will make their experience more rewarding. The foundation for this is to be…….


This includes getting your child to/from practices and meets, and encouraging their progress. It’s a long season, and we will all experience ebbs and flows, but by instilling a sense of responsibility to your swimmer the entire team will reap the benefits.

……...and be ACTIVE !

Show your face often. We like to know who you are, and we’d like to keep you informed on how your swimmer is progressing. Also, at some point during the season, we will need the help of everyone. We often find the same people volunteering, and the more parents that are actively involved, the more success we’ll experience. Throughout the season, we’ll need help with MEETS (see below and the next page), FUNDRAISING (Swim-A-Thon, etc.), PRACTICES and probably a few other items as well.

Montague Bluefish Swim Team

56 1st Street, Turners Falls, MA 01376