Team Swimsuits

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  • Purchasing the team swimsuit is NOT mandatory. However, swimmers not choosing to purchase one must wear a blue swimsuit during all meets.

Supplies & Materials -

*Items needed before the season begins:

- Swimsuit - we recommend having two, one for practice and one for meets (blue)

- Goggles - we recommend having a few. We will also be selling goggles and extra straps.

- Swim Cap - Custom team swim cap can be purchased at the pool office

- Water bottles (absolutely no glass)

- Towels and shower articles

- Sweatshirt and pants

- Sandals/flip-flops

- Swim bag

Make sure you label all items belonging to your swimmer.

*Almost all of the items noted above can be purchased on the same site as the swimsuit.

MPRD has an affiliate account where proceeds will benefit the team!

Communication -

The key to any successful program or working relationship is communication. As administrators and coaches of The Bluefish, we take effective communication seriously. Throughout the season, we will be submitting memos, phone calls, and e-mail messages to keep you informed on all items that affect the team.

  • E-Mail Splashes - The majority of our communication is done through e-mail as it is the most time efficient. Therefore, be sure to indicate your e-mail address (we recommend both work and home) on the registration form and be sure to check it often.
  • Team Facebook Page - up to date info..
  • Website - You're here!
  • Pool Bulletin Board - Information is placed on the pool bulletin board on a regular basis (calendars, memos, meet results, etc.).
  • Questions/Concerns: If you have questions, feel free to ask the coaches between practice sessions or through e-mail. We ask you not to discuss items with the coaches during practice time. Please understand that the coaches are there for your children, and disrupting them during drills will only take away from your child’s progress. However, if there is an item that they can’t answer, feel free to contact the Director of Parks & Recreation; Jon Dobosz @ 863-3216, or e-mail - recdir@montague-ma.gov

Fundraising -

The Bluefish program incurs a significant amount of costs throughout the season that include coaches payroll, use of the pool, supplies, championship meet entries and the Annual Awards Banquet. We offset those costs through fundraising, which include our annual Swim-A-Thon, concession sales and 50/50 raffles during home meets. However, we are also willing to explore other ideas. If you have a fundraising idea, please bring it to our attention. This year, our goal is $5,000.00 and we may even exceed this goal with creative efforts.

Montague Bluefish Swim Team

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