Parent Swim Meet Volunteer Positions

PARENTS, it is important to realize that without your help our swim meets will not work. It is imperative that we all play a small (yet critical) role in pulling off each swim meet successfully. It not only provides your children with a more rewarding experience, but it also speaks to the quality of The Bluefish Swim Team to those in which we compete against. Swim meets that are poorly organized show competing teams that we are not committed, and it may result in the inability to schedule future meets with those teams or possible expulsion from the league.

Please take the time to review the different roles (displayed on the following page) you can play during these meets and indicate which of those appeal to you the most (registration page). We will do our best to assign you to your first choice, but please realize that you may rotate through assignments and be designated to your second or third choice for some meets. There may be some positions where, if we find we are lacking numbers, you will be called upon.

(What we need per meet)

  • Volunteer Coordinator - (1): This individual reaches out and assigns parents most of the positions and duties noted below, using an on-line scheduling application, and checks-in with those parents before and during the meet. This person may have to assign parents at the last minute to guarantee all positions are filled. (Discount available)

  • Officials - (8): We need as many officials as possible. Parents will be trained in officiating to ensure adequate and fair coverage. Coach Colin will be providing the training. Officials are responsible for ensuring that all swimmers follow USA rules and regulations. The officials watch designated lanes for stroke and turn infractions and write disqualification slips as needed. See below for how many officials are needed. Training is offered on-line at the USA Swimming website; (Discount available)

  • Scorekeepers/Data Entry - (2): These parents are responsible for data entry and score the meet using the Hy-Tek Meet Manager. The parents who volunteer for this position should be able to attend most meets as learning Meet Manager takes some time. (Discount available)

  • Starter - (1): This parent will announce the events of the meet using the starting system. This individual is also responsible for instructing swimmers to step onto the starting blocks for each event, and will be provided with a meet program in which to read from.

  • Timers - (8-12; 2 or 3 timers/lane): Timers will work with other lane timers to record the time for each swimmer in their lane using a stopwatch. After each race, timers will record the time on sheets provided by the coach.

  • Timer Coordinator - (1): This individual should plan to be at the majority of the meets. Before the meet begins, this parent will find volunteers to time and hold a timers meeting. Typically the Timer Coordinator is also available to be a timer or a backup timer.

  • Runner - (1): Every 20-30 minutes the runner will collect timer sheets from each lane and bring them to the computer table to be scored.

  • Bullpen - (2): The bullpen volunteers are responsible for getting the swimmers lined up and ready for their events. They are responsible for organizing the swimmers when we are close to their event, and sending them to their assigned lane.

  • Ribbon Writer - (1): This parent is at the score keeping table and places labels on ribbons.

  • Concessions (few attendees): Parent volunteers are needed in 30 minute increments at the concession area.

  • Clean-Up - (3-4): A few people are needed to stay after the meet to help clean up the pool area and locker rooms.

If you are at a meet, be prepared to help in some capacity

If someone doesn't show, be prepared to step in where & when needed



  1. The minimum requirements for officials in a PVSL dual meet shall be:
    1. 1 Starter/Referee (may also serve as a finish judge)
    2. 2 Finish Judges
    3. 2 Stroke and Turn Judges (preferably 4)
    4. 2 Timers Per Lane (preferably 3)
    5. 2 Recorder/Scorers (one from each team)
    6. 1 Runner
    7. 2 Locker Room Attendants from each team, (1 – Girls Locker Room, 1 – Boys Locker Room)
  2. The visiting team shall be responsible for providing the following officials for PVSL dual meets:
    1. 1 Finish Judge
    2. 1 Stroke and Turn Judge (preferably 2)
    3. 1 Timer for each lane (with stopwatch)
    4. 1 Recorder/Scorer
    5. 2 Locker Room Attendants (1 – Girls Locker Room, 1 – Boys Locker Room)

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